While It’s More Flexible Than Nylon

NylonWell loved for several reasons. One of this fabric’s greatest qualities is its extreme durability and abrasion resistance. That’s why it’s often picked as a primary material for hiking pants. Along with nylon you’ll also often find lycra, elastane, or spandex added. That’s because nylon by itself is extremely inflexible and stiff.

Without adding lycra, nylon hiking pants would become much too restrictive. Particularly in women’s hiking pants, a healthy dose of lycra is not only often added for fashion, but for function. PolyesterThe second common choice we mentioned above. It can be blended with nylon and lycra or sometimes found on its own.

While it’s more flexible than nylon, it’s still usually blended for comfort and stretch. Polyester is usually more breathable than nylon and does a better job of wicking moisture away from the skin. Polyester makes a good choice for high output hiking where heat and sweat buildup are a concern.

Nylon, thanks to its wind resistance, is a good choice for poorer weather or rougher trails such as off-trail hiking. Convertible Women’s Hiking PantsThought zip-off pants died with the 90’s? Think again. Convertible pants, as they’re called now, are alive and well inside the hiking community.

When the convertible zippers begin to act up or fail, the entire pants are usually trash. 1. Choose which feature you would like to prioritize. Lastly, take time to read customer reviews. Legit customers are willing to share their experience with the product and this is an excellent source of first-hand information.

While you are doing the steps mentioned above, be sure to be aware of the following factors as well:Not all binos of the same setup weigh the same. Some may add more features making the product heavier compared to other brands. As a hunter, I bet you would like as little weight as possible.

Hence, always check the weight of the binocular and ensure that this is something that is okay with you. Optical PerformanceAlthough all 10×42 binoculars have the same magnification and objective lens diameter, they differ in the quality of the image projected. To ensure that you are getting a superior product, choose something with multi-layered or multi-coated lenses.

Prism TypeBinoculars have two main types of prisms.

These lenses let more light through and give more natural colors even in low light conditions. Price is often representative of the optical quality. Prism TypeBinoculars have two main types of prisms. Prisms are the part of the binocular that turns the image upright. For a smaller size and more comfort, the roof prism is widely preferred by hunters.

The downside of this type of prism is that it costs more than Porro prisms. This is a major consideration for hunters who wear glasses. Eye relief is the effective distance from your eyes to the eyepiece at which you will be able to see the image fully.

High eye relief numbers give your eyes more room while using the binos. InsulationNobody does hunting indoors. Hence, weather and extreme conditions must always be a consideration in selecting your optics. To ensure that you can use the binoculars effectively regardless of the weather, look for products that are purged with inert gases and sealed with O-rings.