It Has Several Modes Of Movement

That way, you can stay well hidden, and wait for your opportunity to strike. The remote has an effective range of around 300 yards, which is very impressive on its own. However, there is another factor that makes the remote even more useful. Namely, it doesn’t require an uninterrupted line of sight to operate.

You can place your remote control safely inside an enclosed space, and it will still work fine. The remote is a vital tool in the hunter’s arsenal. It allows you to control the GC320 in real time, making decisions as to how to best attract your prey.

By using binoculars in conjunction with the remote, you can make the process of luring your animal much more efficient. You can even guide it into a preset trap by using the options on the PD400 Decoy. That means you can avoid having to fire a gun, but where’s the fun in that?

Check Price Online Warranty – The final Key Feature we should take a look at is the warranty that comes with the GC320 system. It is a 1-year factory warranty, which means your device is in good hands. The warranty covers the usual liabilities, animal-related damage, so you should be careful.

Pros and ConsNow that we have seen the Key Features of the GC320, we need to put them into perspective. The responsible way to do that is to go through a list of pros and cons for the device. That way, the potential buyer can decide for themselves whether the product is worth it.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the pros first. Complete Package: The GC320 comes pre-packed with everything you need to start exterminating vermin right away. It includes a predator call, a fully controllable decoy, a remote control, and several decoy tops. The only thing you need to add is batteries!

Amazing sound capabilities: The predator call features 24 high-quality calls for different species. ICOtec designed these to cover all the calls you may need to get rid of unwanted intruders. The speaker that comes with the device is loud, and audible as far as 500 yards away.

However, if you need even more volume, you can plug in external speakers as well. Great remote control: The remote control that comes with the GC320 is arguably its most important feature. It allows you to stay hidden and out of danger while giving you full control of the device.

Using the remote, you can switch sounds, increase or decrease the volume, as well as control the PD400 decoy. PD400 Decoy: The PD400 decoy that is part of the package is an invaluable addition to the system. It has several modes of movement, which you can fully control remotely, and it can mimic the natural movement of prey.

LED lights are also there to increase its drawing powers. Sturdiness: Many users have independently noted how sturdy the GC320 is. People have reported that it withstood falling from heights, as well as animal attacks, and other extreme conditions. It came out virtually unscathed in every instance.