Is It Aimpoint/razor/NX8 Bright?

It is true what people say the razor is about 90% optically of the Kahles. But that 10% just makes for such a better image in my opinion. If you watch garand thumbs video he makes a great point about flatness of the image that’s where the Kahles really shines over the vortex.

On 1x the Kahles has a huge field of view and a totally flat image. It’s like looking through a perfectly clear piece of glass. On the razor, even with the diopter set perfectly as I could get the image was still just not as flat as the Kahles which is so important for that speed on 1x. Because of this I ended up keeping the Kahles and selling the razor.

There are a couple things that I don’t love. The illumination control on the razors is better in my opinion with the ability to pull out and set it and push it in to lock it. Along with the off setting in between each brightness level, it’s great.

Now with all this said my curiosity to try the NF NX8 is still an itch that I need to scratch. So I have the capped elevation model on order directly from Nightforce. Overall, I would say that this is the best long range scope under 500 dollars.

Note: You can also get this scope with the ATMR MOA Reticle here. 6-2450 – FFP – 30mm tube diameter – Argon purged one-piece tube design – Athlon proprietary wideband multi-lens coating for increased light spectrum and transmission – APMR MIL reticle that is both illuminated and etched – 6061T6 Aircraft grade aluminum construction in matte black – Includes lens caps – Glass quality that matches higher end scopes – Lifetime warranty9. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle SFP ScopeEstimated Price: $300 to $400Focal Plane: SFP Models: 4-2450, 3-1844, and moreMy Review: If you’re familiar with the optics game, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Vortex has one of the best long-range scopes in the budget category.

At 5 big ones, this scope is jam-packed with critical repeatable performance that no other budget scope can match. Before we really crack into this scope and what its capabilities are, you should know that the Strike Eagle line has 3 compadres: 1-624, 3-1844, and 4-2440. Talking about the best scope for long range shooting it’s only fair that I reviewed the most powerful one, the 4-2440 EBR-4.

Of course, this is also the most expensive one but if you like the Strike Eagles and would like to save a little cash, the less powerful options are still great! Related Article: 17 Best Long Range Calibers (Ranked by a Marine Sniper)The Strike Eagle (is it me or should it be named Eagle Strike?) comes with both an etched reticle and illumination options making this budget scope incredibly versatile for both high and low levels of light at both short and long-distance shooting. Of course, it does struggle a bit at its maximum levels of magnification, but this is to be expected if you wish to save some money.

By no means, however, is the sight picture unusable at its top levels, its just a little foggier than I would like to see. All in all, I would say this is the best long range rifle scope under 500 bucks. It offers everything you would need with nothing you don’t in a rather small and lightweight package.

4-2450 – 30mm single piece tube constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum – Nitrogen purged – Water and fog proof – Multi-coated lenses – 3. 5” eye relief – Glass etched SFP EBR-4 MOA reticle – 11 brightness settings – Parallax knob on the side – Illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings – Zero resettable tactical turrets – Above-average eye relief – High levels of versatility with low levels of price10. Nikon Black FX1000Price Range: Around $600Focal Plane: FFP Models: 4-1650, 6-2450My Review: The Nikon Black FX1000 is one of the cheapest and minimalistic optics you can get with incredible long-range capabilities.

With optical strength at either 4-1650 or 6-2450 and your choice of the Matte FX-MOA, Matte FX-MRAD, illuminated FX-MRAD or illuminated FX-MOA configurations and a price tag a couple of bucks under the $600 mark, this is an excellent choice for those of you looking to push the limits of your rifles without completely destroying your bank account.

Do you spend hours out in the woods? If yes, choose your range finder keeping this factor in mind! • RangeOnce you know the nature of your hunting adventure, select the range that is ideal for your shots. If you want to shoot farther, or are hunting big game from a distance-large range is perfect.

However, as we discussed earlier, the smaller game can be tracked within a shorter range. Most of the high range rangefinders are also used for golfing or for target shooting. Wild hunting might be successful with a short-range rangefinder. Note that short-range does not mean very small distance, but refers to the lesser ranged devices mentioned above.

• Close target sensitivityWhile the range determines the farthest distance that can be calculated, close target sensitivity determines the closest length that you can aim at. For deer hunting, or even small prey hunting with crossbows, a rangefinder that calculates accurately within yards, is the right choice for you!